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Making your creative dreams a reality.

I’ve been in love with graphic design ever since my first semester of Yearbook in high school. I’ll never forget the feeling of seeing our finished book at the end of the year, knowing that I had helped to create something completely from scratch – taking 437 blank pages and turning them into memories my classmates would cherish for a lifetime. 


Since that first design experience, I have continued to explore the world of visual design and develop my skills. Along with my freelance work, I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Art and Design at the University of North Texas in 2017 and a Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications at West Virginia University in 2019.


Combining my love for visual communication with strategic marketing principles has allowed me to truly combine my creative side with my type-A, list-making side and really completed the puzzle for me. This unique skill set combines my design expertise and mastery of Adobe CC programs with knowledge of marketing tactics to deliver creative and effective messages for all kinds of target audiences. 


Every project is a chance to learn something new, work with incredible teams, and create innovative communication solutions for my clients and their audiences. Overall, my work is a healthy mix of branding, print, web, advertising, and social media, so no matter what you need – I’m here to help.


Best Agency Ad, 2nd Place
2019 West Virginia Press Association Awards
Advertising, Division 3
Drinking Buddy
Best Agency Ad, 1st Place
2018 West Virginia Press Association Awards
"What's at the end of your drink"
Journal of the American Society
for Mass Spectrometry
Volume 31, Issue 10 (October 2020)
Cover Design
Journal of the American Society
for Mass Spectrometry
Volume 33, Issue 4 (April 2022)
Cover Design
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