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MORE ART, LESS FASCISM | 8"x10" Art Prints Supporting the "Get Mitch or Die Trying Fund"

Vote Poster Moclup.png
"You cannot take your freedoms for granted. Just like generations who have come before you, you have to do your part to preserve and protect those freedoms... you need to be preparing yourself to add your voice to our national conversation."
- Michelle Obama

Historically I have not been one to voice my political opinions too loudly, but as we spiral closer and closer to a fascist future and the extended stay of The-Great-Rotting-Pumpkin-in-Chief, it's becoming impossible to keep my cool. 


This election is about saving American lives, saving our planet, and championing human rights. 


If you feel similarly, keep reading. If you're voting for Barbecued Brutus in November, you can see yourself out.


Vote Poster Moclup.png
Vote Poster Mockup-close up.png

I created this design as part of a project/competition for Thornwillow Press and even though it wasn't selected as the winner, I had a few people reach out and ask if I'd be making prints available anyways.


With the passing of RGB, disgusting acts violence and descrimination still happening all around the county, voter registration deadlines quickly approaching, and the overall paralyzing dread we face on a daily basis, I decided to turn this into an opportunity to make some kind of difference in our battle for democracy and decency. 

So, through October 2nd I will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the sales of these prints to Vote Save America's "Get Mitch or Die Trying" fund, which allocates donations to the top Senate races where our money can make the biggest difference. 

These 8" x 10" giclee prints are only being printed for this project. Your limited edition print (unframed) will be numbered and mailed directly to you once your $25 donation has been received.

Every virtual payment service/platform I know of charges a percentage or a fee on purchases, so instead please send your donation through PayPal (and do not check the "goods or services?' box or they charge a fee).


Venmo works too - I'm @Clara-Warner

If you have any questions please email me directly at

Are you registered to vote?

The voter registration deadline is quickly approaching across the country! The art says it all - your voice is your vote and we are best when we are united. 

Check out this article to see the deadline in your state,

register to vote here,

or make sure you're registered to vote here!

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