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Vote Poster Mockup-close up.png

Thornwillow Press

"Signs of Change" Design Contest


Ahead of the 2020 election, Thornwillow Press invited designers to submit a design for a new broadside poster, to be letterpress printed and distributed, with the goal of encouraging civic participation and increasing voter turnout in the election. 

A challenging but exciting project, my final concept sits at the core of the issue, thinking about what the right to vote really gives us.


The turmoil we faced throughout 2020 played a big role in my ideation and I felt it was important to weave that into my design in a bold yet simple way.

The Statue of Liberty is perhaps the most iconic symbol of the inalienable rights our country prides itself on, yet the right to protest had been met with such violence. The writing on the Statue's sign reminds us that united, we have great power.

The repeating quote behind the Statue helps create depth in the overall composition and draws us back to the core goal of this design contest: your voice is your vote and your vote is your voice.

I composed the overall design as a stamp as a reference to the unprecedented number of Americans who would be voting by mail due to COVID-19.

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