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Alison Cosmetics Jar Mockup-120ppi.jpg

Alison Cosmetics

Logo Design

The brief for this project came from the LogoCore 30 day logo design challenge.

Alison Cosmetics is an all vegan online beauty store who sells skincare and cosmetics products. The client wanted to replace her "just a boring font" logo with a design more in line with her brand vision - staying away from any cursive typefaces and utilizing the soft pink color palette already being used in other aspects of brand collateral. Additionally, she needed a logo that could be scaled down to a very small size that would still be legible on the bottom of products like lipstick tubes. 

To this end, I created one main logo with two variations to give the brand a variety of options to utilize for different packaging and design purposes.

In the logo I wanted to use a graphic element that communicated the vegan, organic pillar of this brand while keeping the feeling of a soft color palette, so I brought in this single flower stem, an element that is simple, elegant, feminine, and modern in style. I also used this floral element to create a brand pattern that could be used in a variety of ways.

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